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your local butcher shop

Sorg’s butcher shop offers a full retail counter of fresh meats that are freezer-wrapped for your convenience. They also provide over 50 varieties of award-winning brats, as well as sausages and hot dogs that are all homemade using the original family recipe with no MSG.

a wide variety

Sorg’s also offers a wide variety of specialty items from the Al Capone Roast for family gatherings or special occasions, as well as over 20 varieties of WI cheese, heat n’eat entrees, homemade meat & gruit pies, a variety of fish, vegetables, pickled products, sauces & seasonings, jams & jellies, homemade meat, and fruit pies as well as a variety of meat snack sticks, jerky, and landjaeger.

A trailer of livestock back in the old days.A trailer of livestock